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permanent make-up services



PMU Initial sessions require a $100 non-refundable booking fee that will be applied to cost of initial session. Read all policies before booking.

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$425 (initial service only ) — Suited to all skin types -even oily! Ombre brows are created using a permanent make-up machine with the newest techniques to provide a soft, defined brow. Brows heal to a soft powdery effect. Ombre powder brows can be customized to look very soft and natural, like a tint on your skin, to a more bold “instagram brow” look. Can last up to 3 years. In order to maintain your ombre powder brow, regular touch-ups are needed.


$475 (initial service only) — A beautiful combination of hair strokes and soft powder fill. A perfect choice if you do not have any brow hair at all OR if there are areas in your brow that have dense hair AND sparse or no hair. Best for dry smooth skin types (but can be modified for oilier skin types). Can last 1-2 years. Regular touch-ups are needed to maintain your combo brows.


$450 (initial service only) —Best for those with dry/normal skin and smooth clear skin types. If you have combo/oily skin, large pores, textured rough or ruddy skin, deep wrinkles, or very thin skin, microblading is NOT for you. Microblading is a cosmetic tattooing technique using a handheld sterile microblading tool to create small cuts in the skin to mimic hair strokes (a machine is NOT used). Microblading heals to a very natural look -yes, you may still need brow make-up. Can last up to 1-1.5 years. In order to maintain your microbladed brows, regular touch-ups are needed. Before booking, read my in-depth Microblading guide.


$600+ (initial service only) — If you have received microblading or other brow permanent make-up and the color has distorted or the shape needs correcting, I may be able to help you. Please schedule a complimentary 15 minute consult. (No, I’m sorry, microblading cannot be used to correct - powder brows only). May require multiple sessions to achieve desired brow goals.


$375 top only, add bottom +$25 (initial service only) — Using a permanent make-up machine, your lash line is completely filled to create beautiful definition and giving the appearance of thicker lashes. Also known as fine liner. Can last 2 years. Regular touch-ups are necessary to maintain your desired look.  


$425 top only, add bottom +25 (initial service only) —Using a permanent make-up machine, your lash line is completely filled PLUS a soft eyeliner with small and soft “wing” is added. No harsh sharp lines are created. Can last 2 years. Regular touch-ups are necessary to maintain your desired look.

permanent make-up touch-up pricing


**Touch-up pricing is for current Symmetry PMU clients only. If you did not receive your PMU from Symmetry, you need an in-person consult and your pricing will be as a new client AND/OR corrective.

6-12 WEEK EYEBROW PMU TOUCH-UP (ombre, combo, microblading)

$150 — This required touch-up session needs to be performed no sooner than 6 weeks from your initial session and no later than 12 weeks from your initial session. IF FOR ANY REASON you go beyond 12 weeks from your initial session book the following.

3-6 month eyebrow pmu touch-up (ombre, combo, microblading)

$225— Book this only if you are outside the 12 week touch-up window OR if you have requested an additional touch-up and I have approved your request.

1-2 year eyebrow pmu touch-up (ombre, combo, microblading)

$350— Book this if your brow PMU was done 1-2 years ago at Symmetry. Over 2 years? Even by just 1 day, book the following.

2-3 year eyebrow pmu touch-up (ombre, combo, microblading)

$400— Book this if your brow PMU was done 2-3 years ago at Symmetry. Over 3 years? Even by just 1 day, book as Initial session.

Eyelash Enhancement/Soft Liner touch-ups

$100— 6-12 weeks after initial session only.

$175— 3-6 months after initial session only.

$275— 1-2 year touch-up

2 years + book as initial session

tattoo lightening/removal

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$50-$250+ per session — Are you unhappy with your current eyebrow tattoo? Do you have old faded eyebrow PMU or microblading? Or a small (1"-4") body tattoo that you are unhappy with? Using a permanent make-up machine, an ultra pure saline solution is pushed into the tattoo you wish to be removed/lightened. A scab forms, and when the area heals and the scab falls off, the tattoo ink/pigment is removed/lightened. Multiple sessions may be necessary to achieve your desired goal. You must schedule a consultation to discuss your removal/lightening goals and to see if you are a good candidate for this service. 


brow bar services

Welcome to the brow bar. These are not your average eyebrow services. Brows are our specialty and it shows. Always providing the utmost care and attention to your face’s most defining feature.

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New Client Brow Shaping & Design

$55 — For your very first visit to Symmetry, book this. This appointment is dedicated to finding your “perfect” brow shape. Your brows will be expertly shaped based on natural growth patterns and bone structure to create the most flattering eyebrow for YOU. I will wax, tweeze, trim and finish this appointment with application and short lesson in brow make-up so you can maintain your new eyebrows. This appointment also includes 20% off any brow product purchase. (add a brow tint for $15)

New Client Brow shaping & design - MAN BROWS

$40 —Men need brow help too! For your very first visit, book this. This appointment is dedicated to finding your “perfect” brow shape based on natural growth patterns, bone structure and, of course, not making your brows look feminine.

Returning Clients - Returning 2-6 weeks from last visit

Brow Clean-up (2-6 week visit)$25

brow clean-up + tint (2-6 week visit)$40

brow clean-up + brow make-up (2-6 week visit)$40

tweeze brow ONLY (2-6 week visit) $30

Returning clients - Over 6 weeks from last visit

brow shaping (over 6 weeks)$35

brow shaping + tint (over 6 weeks)$50

brow shaping +make-up (over 6 weeks)$45

brow shaping +tint+make-up (over 6 weeks)$60

tinting only

Brow Tint

$20—Tint darkens and adds definition to the brows. (lasts approximately 2-3 weeks)

Lash Tint

$30—The lashes are tinted using a combination of black and blue black to give the darkest lashes possible that lasts the longest (approximately 2-4 weeks)

Brow & Lash tint combo

$45—Better together- Book together and save.


facial services

Skin care is a long-time passion of ours. All facial treatments are customized to what you and your skin are needing at each visit. Read more details of what is included with each facial on the booking page.

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60 Minute Boost Facial—$90

75 Minute Deep Pore Facial—$110

90 Minute Ultra Facial—$130

90 Minute Ultra Facial+Bio Brasion/Peel—$160

45 Minute Teen/Pre-Teen Facial—$75

30 Minute Mini Facial—$60

CIT - Collagen Induction Treatment (aka Microneedling)—$185 Read more HERE

Bio-Brasion + Peel (ultimate resurfacing lunchtime facial—$125


hair removal services

We offer highly skilled hair removal treatments.

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AREA                WaxinG  

Ear or Nostril                                             $15

Forehead                                                   $15

Full Face                                                    $50

(includes cheek, chin, upper lip, forehead)

Leg (half)                                                   $50

Leg (full)                                                     $75

Lip                                                              $12

Underarms                                                 $25

AREA                WaxinG   

Back                                                            $65

Bikini                                                           $35

Bikini (extended)                                        $45

Brazilian FIRST TIMER                           $70

Brazilian                                                      $65

Brazilian touch-up (3-4 wks)                 $55

Cheek /Sideburns                                  $15

Chest                                                         $65

Chin                                                           $15